TEDx TALK – Shining The Light In Data Dark Areas To Stimulate Real Change

How can we create meaningful solutions when there is no “big data” to inform how to deploy and prioritize solutions? Physician, CDC veteran, former tech analyst and homeland security advisor, Joel Selanikio, co founder of DataDyne.org, shares how he and his team have created magpi.com, the most widely adopted mobile data open access software inContinue reading “TEDx TALK – Shining The Light In Data Dark Areas To Stimulate Real Change”

mHealth – outside Nepal (part I of IV)

I got accepted in this wonderful mHealth (Mobile Phone Health) online program/course this past February. Course ware by GFMER (in collaboration with WHO) [details here] Its a six week program, from March to end-April; during which some eighty participants from throughout the world learn more on this topic. I have limited or no knowledge, soContinue reading “mHealth – outside Nepal (part I of IV)”

coming to Nepal? consider mo:mo

One notable experience with most of my foreign friends coming to Nepal, has been to deal with few food poisoning in Nepal. We have no problem with available food options, but It becomes unpleasant for first timers in Nepal or those who are back after long time. My medical knowledge is quick to recommendation overContinue reading “coming to Nepal? consider mo:mo”