arcane and inhumane – “chaupadi pratha” – origins

Post dinner talks in my family are sometimes boring. I however always enjoy the company and sometimes few topics of immense interest does come up. Today, was that day, and something did come up, that I’d been very curious about, for more than a year now, haven’t dug deep though. my proposed research title wouldContinue reading “arcane and inhumane – “chaupadi pratha” – origins”

The Nepal Medical Education debacle

A recent medical licensing exam by Nepal Medical Council (NMC) had a huge number of recent medical graduate failing. NMC licensing exam is held twice every year, usually in the month of April and August/September, with around 700 medical graduates appearing every year. Today’s Kantipur Daily (page 3) has a report stating that it’s mostlyContinue reading “The Nepal Medical Education debacle”