4-2-1, comparing close Joint Family – part One of Two

One child policy and foreign education To alleviate the social, economical and environmental problems with the rapid population increase, in 1979 China adopted a one child policy. Though it is much relaxed and with many loop holes at present, much of the mid class economical family still abide by it. Wikipedia has an excellent readContinue reading “4-2-1, comparing close Joint Family – part One of Two”

Platform Convergence – Looking for a viable Open Alternate eco-system

Way back in early 2000 with Windows NT/2000, Microsoft began converging its personal and professional operating system. It was the first successful convergence of two different (back then) – personal and professional desktop experience. With Windows XP Operating System, Microsoft successfully converged Windows NT 5.1 kernel with 95/98/Me line and further solidified the lead. It was noContinue reading “Platform Convergence – Looking for a viable Open Alternate eco-system”

Of Wrestlings and Elections (I of II)

Last week was all about history. I refreshed my memories about World Wrestling Federation Entertainment from Bret Hart to HBK, Steve Austin and CM Punk. Belonging to the millennium generation from Kathmandu I was never a Rock fan. Thus I am trying to mention him less. Much of school life, grade eight, nine and ten, wasContinue reading “Of Wrestlings and Elections (I of II)”