youtube – The way we think about charity is dead wrong

why do i support the message
I am a doctor. I have friends who are into medicine. Out of 45, most of my batch mates are already enrolled in post graduate degree in and out of Nepal. Pretty soon, they will be earning a lot (Nepali Standards). Among the 45, Its only me and my better half (Dr Aditi) who are working in public health. For the last two years, we have been working in a small project that tries to uplift health through education, training and service. We call it Nidan Nidan and are very proud of it, even though its in minuscule of what we could have achieved if we try very hard.

why aren’t we trying hard?
frankly, bills don’t get payed while working as non-profit. Your friends basically give that smirk, your family questions you the price that they payed for your graduate degree, and frankly society is kind of deaf and dumb to a public health pledge made by a junior doctor. Reiterating, most of our friends have already begun post graduate, and my family (extended) has this prominent question put forth –

when will you start earning?

Our social dogma places a doctor in the highest educational platform that earns quit a bit more. Money at the moment is one of the major players in our society, and with the weak government and country, most parents want their children to get into either medicine or engineer (another high earning educational ladder).

my question is?
why can’t I earn a good sum of money and do good things, like mentioned in the above video? Why can’t I work in non-profit, do good to many people at once, and make a respectable amount of living through it? Why do I have to compromise between my living standards and then my intentions to do good?

I have options to either become a specialist and work in a tertiary hospital, and earn oodles. OR – work in public health, be a clinician, be an academician and help in strengthening the preventive health aspect of Nepal Why am I not allowed to make a living out the latter is confusing, and unhealthy practice (as per me).

whats my plan?
to be in three different field. First became the initiation of public health project – Nidan (this has already begun). Second thing is to get into post graduate, finish it, and be a specialist. To be all three – an academician, a clinician and a public health expert. A plan that will stretch me to my limit, but I strongly hope to cover all the three fields of health.

jack of all trades, and master of one

The video is from one of the TED events in USA, by Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong. I did not make it, or own it, have no copy right or left for it; but share it because youtube lets me, and the stuffs presented here reverberates my ideology.

TEDx TALK – Shining The Light In Data Dark Areas To Stimulate Real Change

How can we create meaningful solutions when there is no “big data” to inform how to deploy and prioritize solutions?

Physician, CDC veteran, former tech analyst and homeland security advisor, Joel Selanikio, co founder of, shares how he and his team have created, the most widely adopted mobile data open access software in the world of international development. Magpi overcomes obstacle to getting better data for health and other programs. A major component is SSWFt (self-service, web-based, freemium tech) approach to technology use, adoption, and funding for international development.

With more than 14,000 users in more than 170 countries, it empowers a range of data-informed solutions in regions of the world where such information is dangerously scarce.

OK, make that non-existent.

Extend the conversation and expand on ideas with Joel Selanikio: join their Opal Brainstorm at…

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