barriers concerning standards and interoperability

Part two of my four part series where I try to explore the possibility of mHealth in Nepal. This deals with the barriers concerning standards and interoperability in mHealth. The following are some of the concept we discussed in online class, and google group. I think this is very reasonable to developing countries like Nepal. Most of the barriers are specifically from mHealth Africa, but I have here tried to include my nepali perspective as well. Here are few of the barriers that I think I see in Nepal concerning standards and interoperability on mHealth.

marketing gimmick – my true story

I’d read about it in inter-web, and saw it in popular culture based television shows, but had never experienced it first hand. I’d always thought I’d outsmart them, but time did tell me something different today. As I recall it now, five hours later, I am bemused and smiling. They were this close duping meContinue reading “marketing gimmick – my true story”

mHealth – outside Nepal (part I of IV)

I got accepted in this wonderful mHealth (Mobile Phone Health) online program/course this past February. Course ware by GFMER (in collaboration with WHO) [details here] Its a six week program, from March to end-April; during which some eighty participants from throughout the world learn more on this topic. I have limited or no knowledge, soContinue reading “mHealth – outside Nepal (part I of IV)”