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One notable experience with most of my foreign friends coming to Nepal, has been to deal with few food poisoning in Nepal. We have no problem with available food options, but It becomes unpleasant for first timers in Nepal or those who are back after long time. My medical knowledge is quick to recommendation over the counter drugs/medicine, that does provide relief, but is not the cure.

So what food do I recommend gathered from my experience on preventive medicine? – mo:mo

Meat product wrapped around in roti and steamed for 20 minutes. Affordable, available and Awesome with minimum side effects. For those that hate meat, there is vegetable mo:mo, and those who love milk/dairy products there is paneer mo:mo.

Travel guides for Nepal, highly recommend mo:mo for all foreigners/tourists coming to Nepal.

These basically resemble dumplings, and are the safest bet for anyone. Not a unique dish to the country but absolute favorite among Neplalese. To my knowledge, mo:mo has its origin along the Himalayan Mountain belts – which includes North Nepal Border, the Tibetan Platuea, and parts of North India.

Wide variety of food services – restaurant, food court, hotels, and even smaller street food vendors – serve these in almost all the price range. Kathmandu is full of mo:mo shops, and is one of the most served dish in Kathmandu. So, anyone coming for the first time to Nepal, or coming back after a considerable amount of time – opt for this good food. Steam kills 🙂

disclaimer. This is not an advertisement for this specific food, rather a health tip from a perspective of preventive medicine. The blog title – “momobites” has some thought process related to this food as well, but let it pass for now. Some other day, may be.

happy new year – the gregorian new year – 2013.
I think it’s cool to celebrate two new years, every one earth revolution. The other one being the Bikram Sambat (Nepali new year). If I was living in and around – Chinese culture, I’d love to celebrate the Chinese new year as well. I was born in the year of “Ox”.

P.S. taking two days break. Doing some local search on good Nepali business. Be back in January 2nd, 7:30am, Nepali Standard Time.

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