Type – Descriptive – Cross Sectional
Khatiwada, P., Kayastha, S., Pant, P., Khanal, K., Giri, A., Khatiwoda, P., & Mali, A. (2013). Understanding of Tobacco and Lung Cancer Among Medical Students in Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS). Kathmandu University Medical Journal10(3), 60-65.

Type – Case Study
Khatiwada, P., Giri, A., & Khatiwoda, P. (2012). Mucormycosis in diabetes mellitus. Journal of Advances in Internal Medicine1(2), 73-75.

Type – Qualitative – Focus Group
Giri, A., Khatiwada, P., Shrestha, B. et al. Perceptions of government knowledge and control over contributions of aid organizations and INGOs to health in Nepal: a qualitative study. Global Health 9, 1 (2013).

Type – Descriptive – Cross Sectional
Koirala, A., Khatiwada, P., Giri, A., Kandel, P., Regmi, M., & Upreti, D. (2012). The Demographics of Molar Pregnancies in BPKIHS. Kathmandu University Medical Journal9(4), 298-300.

Type – Descriptive – Cross Sectional
Aryal, S., Badhu, A., Pandey, S., Bhandari, A., Khatiwoda, P., Khatiwada, P., & Giri, A. (2012). Stigma Related to Tuberculosis Among Patients Attending DOTS Clinics of Dharan Municipality. Kathmandu University Medical Journal10(1), 40-43.

Type – Case Study
Khatiwoda P, Kayastha SR, Khatiwada P, Giri A, Baral S, Bista D, Pant P. A fatal presentation of dermatomyositis. Kathmandu Univ Med J (KUMJ). 2012 Jul-Sep;10(39):78-82. doi: 10.3126/kumj.v10i3.8027. PMID: 23434970.

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Prakash Nepali Barnamaala

First Published – July 2019
Type – Free, education, no advertisements, privacy focussed, no tracking
Primary target audience – Nepali speaking children, Nepali expatriate children.
Secondary target audience – anyone interested in basic Nepali language/literature, foreigners in Nepal.

>> Prakash Hindi Barnamaala

First Published – May 2020
State – late beta
Type – Education, with advertisements
Primary target audience- Hindi speaking children.

Safe Pregnancy and Birth (Nepali)

First Published – September 2020
Type – Free, health education, dual language (EN, NE), no advertisements, no tracking
Primary target audience- Nurses, mid-wives, auxiliary health workers, health care providers in rural and remote Nepal.
Secondary target audience – English and Nepali speaking pregnant woman (and family)

Jojo Game Point Calculator (GPC)

First Published – July 2021
Type – Free, Point Calculator, bilingual (EN/NE), No Ads
Target audience – Those who play card game marriage.

Source Code – Github (publishing on January 2022)


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Health Delivary System and current Health Status of Nepal.
Type –  Multiple Poster Presentation.
Time and Place – Nov 2010 – TUFH – The Network Conference – Kathmandu, Nepal

Government Knowledge and Control over Contributions of Aid Organizations and INGOs to Health in Nepal.
Type –  Poster Presentation.
Time and Place – Sep 2011, TUFH – The Network Conference – Graz, Austria.

Lack of interests among medical graduates in rural and family medicine in Nepal.
Type –  Poster Presentation.
Time and Place – Sep 2012, TUFH – The Network Conference – Thunder Bay, Canada.

Situations and problems of Lung Cancer in Nepal.
Type –  Poster Presentation.
Time and Place – Sep 2010, Nepal Internal Medicine Meet – Kathmandu, Nepal.