NEA report – reblog

Originally posted on EnergyForNepal:
This post will focus on Nepal Electricity Authority’s (NEA) annual electricity purchases and sales. NEA is government regulated and sole electric utility company of Nepal. It is responsible for distribution and transmission of grid connected electricity. Although private sectors are allowed to participate in the generation sector, NEA is the major¬†electricity¬†producer…

tertiary what? seriously where is public health?

There I was, all ready for the free food and great conversation. The CME (continued medical education) was about GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), in Hotel Annapurna. Best minds of Nepal in the field of gastro-enterology (medicine about stomach and stuffs) would be there together with free-loaders like me (read – interns, medical officers and firstContinue reading “tertiary what? seriously where is public health?”

NTC/Ncell – do we need stronger operator control?

When Apple had its mobile operating system revealed in 2007, something changed. A huge number of technological breakthrough was put into one small device and the evolving mobile technology sector got a level up revolution. We had tremendous gains in handheld technology in these past few years. Google Android platform made smart devices available inContinue reading “NTC/Ncell – do we need stronger operator control?”