youtube – The way we think about charity is dead wrong

why do i support the message I am a doctor. I have friends who are into medicine. Out of 45, most of my batch mates are already enrolled in post graduate degree in and out of Nepal. Pretty soon, they will be earning a lot (Nepali Standards). Among the 45, Its only me and myContinue reading “youtube – The way we think about charity is dead wrong”

tertiary what? seriously where is public health?

There I was, all ready for the free food and great conversation. The CME (continued medical education) was about GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), in Hotel Annapurna. Best minds of Nepal in the field of gastro-enterology (medicine about stomach and stuffs) would be there together with free-loaders like me (read – interns, medical officers and firstContinue reading “tertiary what? seriously where is public health?”