experience at medical (specialist) conference

I was fortunate enough to be a part of ten volunteers at a conference this past week. This was a specialist conference in medicine, and most of the attendees were prominent Nepali clinicians. I had a good opportunity to see these faces for the first time, and this post is dedicated to these heroes fromContinue reading “experience at medical (specialist) conference”

youtube.com – नेपाल हाम्रो घर हो, डेरा होईन

नेपाली भनेर होइन बनेर देखाउने हो। यदि यो देश ढले, हामी पनि यसै साथ ढल्छौँ। आउनुहोस् विवेकशील नेपाली बनौँ, नेपाली राजनितिलाई बदलौँ। Become a BibekSheel Nepali & transform the way this country is run 🙂 — हाम्रो वेबसाईट Website: http://leadnepal.com — फेसबुकमा: http://facebook.com/bibeksheelnepali — एस-एम-एस: ७००१ फोन: 98511-49214 ईमेल: help@leadnepal.com — Please share this video.Continue reading “youtube.com – नेपाल हाम्रो घर हो, डेरा होईन”

corruption – medical residency in nepal

prefix There are 18 medical college in Nepal, and five more are in paper works. Most have around 60 – 100 students enrollment for MBBS education every year. This is around 60 x 18 = 1080 (taking the minimum numbers) people applying to become a doctor.  MBBS is Bachelor for Medicine and Surgery, compared toContinue reading “corruption – medical residency in nepal”