NTC/Ncell – do we need stronger operator control?

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When Apple had its mobile operating system revealed in 2007, something changed. A huge number of technological breakthrough was put into one small device and the evolving mobile technology sector got a level up revolution. We had tremendous gains in handheld technology in these past few years. Google Android platform made smart devices available in all form factors. The BRIC nations were swift in embracing this technology; and as a result smartphones are available in very affordable prices in developing countries like Nepal.

There are few caveats in this developing model (specifically for Nepal). Here i share about four such problems presently in my mind.
1. Smartphones are still above the average pay roll in Nepal. Its only the upper middle class (or above) that carry Galaxy SIII or iPhone 5 or Lumia 920. The lowest (legal) price of a smartphone in Kathmandu is at about 15,000 Nrs. Thats a month salary to feed a family of four.
2. Nepali citizen, still does not know the concept and difference of feature phone or smartphones. For majority phones with specs below Nokia Asha lines are their primary mode of communication, Facebook and SMS. These have tremendous battery life, are small, and can play FM Radio without headphone jacks.
3. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have handful of Nepali apps. Most useful (as I see it) being the an app that shows electricity cut (load-shedding schedules) and Nepali Calendar. This is even scarce in Microsoft WP8 Market, BB10 market, or even in Getjar.
4. I still cannot properly access the pay apps in any of the mobile market. We still don’t have PayPal (or anything remotely similar to this). Our online monetary system is not directly (easily) affiliated with outside world. If I have to get a USD 0.99 cent app, I probably have to go to a bank that can handle international transfers. There are roughly 15 banks (branches) within 500 meter radius of my place, none can pay for this app. I wonder If I am missing something here; may be I can write about this someday.

so whats my suggestion?

Next Post is a continuation of this one. With some suggestions, and radical thinking (well may be not that radical)


disclaimer – I am not a mobile technology expert. I do not know mobile app programming, and am not sponsored (or anything similar) by Mozilla (or anything/anyone affiliated). What I am is a tech-enthusiasts, and I like to read, listen and read more; and then give my reasons and beliefs. I am also in to medicine, which makes my blog post a little inclined to primary/preventive/curative health mixed with technology.

P.S.i. Next Post on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 – 8:30 NST. My suggestions on Mobile Operators and why I believe in Firefox OS

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