Alcohol in Nepali wedding (10 things I am confused about, at Nepali wedding)

It wasn’t always like this. Fifteen years ago, my cousin’s wedding had class, a delightful environment, with mostly sober people, and food wasn’t everything and alcohol was rarely presented in the wedding reception. today, a wedding without whiskey is considered a tasteless gimmick from twisted minds A Nepali wedding in Kathmandu, with it’s diversity inContinue reading “Alcohol in Nepali wedding (10 things I am confused about, at Nepali wedding)”

Information addiction

Growing up in Kathmandu has made me realize that I may soon succumb to a lung disease and die of cancer. If pollution does not kill me, the burgeoning population definitely will. Rampant mumbling and photo stalking in Social Network is not a big addiction. People every where are the same, and its only fairContinue reading “Information addiction”