my take on Windows 8.1 Pro – Review

Took me around three hours, but I finally updated to Windows 8.1. The following few hours were¬†about knowing what has changed in this widely used operating system. Initial thought – nothing so interesting but definitely in the right direction. Fruit for nine years I was an avid OS X fan for a long time. UntilContinue reading “my take on Windows 8.1 Pro – Review”

new gadget – Nokia N9

a fairy tale machine; my wait since late 2011. Yes !! finally even though a little more than my budget, this was what I’d wanted for a long time now. No specific reason, fell in love as soon after it was announced in Q3 2011. Its old hardware(dinosaur old!!) and has limited applications available. LastContinue reading “new gadget – Nokia N9”

Alcohol in Nepali wedding (10 things I am confused about, at Nepali wedding)

It wasn’t always like this. Fifteen years ago, my cousin’s wedding had class, a delightful environment, with mostly sober people, and food wasn’t everything and alcohol was rarely presented in the wedding reception. today, a wedding without whiskey is considered a tasteless gimmick from twisted minds A Nepali wedding in Kathmandu, with it’s diversity inContinue reading “Alcohol in Nepali wedding (10 things I am confused about, at Nepali wedding)”