The protocol of giving (invited?)

Last few weeks have been busy. Three days of marriage was just a beginning of meeting long lost cousins over and over again. There are now new bunch of cousins I proudly (while it lasts) call the in-laws. Suddenly my family size exceeds my expectation. Presumption being this new family formed of one husband andContinue reading “The protocol of giving (invited?)”

law of the land – on social norms of nepali wedding

Government of Nepal had promulgated a law in 2033 BS. That’s, 37 years ago (1975 AD) – identifies maximum number of invitation to attend any celebration party or mass gathering (for wedding) at around hundred people. Here I discuss my personal opinions on pros and cons to my wonderful new discovery. “Samajik Sudhar Ain –Continue reading “law of the land – on social norms of nepali wedding”

the Nepali way of buzy-ness (business) – part i of ii

Aditi had a conversation with Thomas (forgot his real name) from Europe. What he liked about Nepal (and what I now think is adept for all the South Asian, and developing countries in the world)- that every one, in some way is an entrepreneur. Here’s how… a story I know Seven years ago, during monthsContinue reading “the Nepali way of buzy-ness (business) – part i of ii”