new gadget – Nokia N9

a fairy tale machine; my wait since late 2011. Yes !! finally even though a little more than my budget, this was what I’d wanted for a long time now. No specific reason, fell in love as soon after it was announced in Q3 2011. Its old hardware(dinosaur old!!) and has limited applications available. LastContinue reading “new gadget – Nokia N9”

new cellphone – for 12hrs electricity cuts in Nepal

As of today, the electricity cuts in Kathmandu is around twelve hours, which means I will not be able to charge my current cellphone everyday. I love technology, and mobile phones are something, very “worldly” to me. Changed quite a few from my first phone back in 2005, and constantly looking to get acquainted to the new capabilitiesContinue reading “new cellphone – for 12hrs electricity cuts in Nepal”