Wikipedia – con men

comparing nepali politicians to world’s greatest It’s much easier to make fun of our political leaders in Nepal, than to praise them. Some few have been good, but majority are usually corrupt, and uneducated, with a highly dubious personality background, and almost all have a permanent fixture of “Jail Time” as their credentials. Ten CommandmentsContinue reading “Wikipedia – con men”

The thirteen of 2013 – new beginning

On January 31st, I appeared for one of the toughest exams in the world, USMLE step one. The toughest part for me being able to sit there in front of a computer screen for eight hours. By the time I was finished, I had headache, malaise, and was hungry. As an average student, I hadContinue reading “The thirteen of 2013 – new beginning”

Friday Read – The Great Leap in China, Stalingrad, Eritrea

Almost all of my good friends are out of Nepal, and right now with self-study, life is all about a cooping in my room, with books. Instead of bar, barbecue or cinema, life is more about books, Internet and sleep. No Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for the moment. No emails or calendar utility in progress.Continue reading “Friday Read – The Great Leap in China, Stalingrad, Eritrea”