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Growing up in Kathmandu has made me realize that I may soon succumb to a lung disease and die of cancer. If pollution does not kill me, the burgeoning population definitely will.

Rampant mumbling and photo stalking in Social Network is not a big addiction. People every where are the same, and its only fair to know few dozens of good people than follow a cohort of brain-popping zombies who do not match my frequency.

What I fathom more than being social is the information available in the internet. Barrage of reading that can take up to 90 minutes every day, has been compulsory addiction to me. I feel hollow and empty if I skip one day. I blame my father for this, as he taught me about this addiction to news. I blame my mother for this, as she taught me, to be able to analyze every bit of social information. I also blame slow internet in my country for this, where, pictures and videos take a decade to load, and simple RSS and atom news come up pretty fast.

Lately LinkedIn specials are all the hype for me. The write ups from these big people have some sound advices and become a great read. Thank you for this addiction, I can only hope that the news I read, the story that gets analyzed become of some use to me in the near future. I want to believe in this addiction of mine as a positive thing.

P.S. – I am not into literature. The thought of reading books has never been a delightful memory. Few books per year, is my number till now. I did like the website – longform which presented a good layout and great read content.

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