YouTube Share – तुईनको छ है भर

Follow up video to Kathor (web link), Night is back with another awesome music video with a stunning array of images and videos representing the desolate Nepal. Whatever the present is, I hope to see a better Nepal, soon. This video is not mine, but am sharing here because it inspires me to do somethingContinue reading “YouTube Share – तुईनको छ है भर”

privacy – not so third world problem?

Yes, developing nation like Nepal first needs food, shelter and clothing first. Then comes the health, education, and better society. Somewhere in the middle, what we need to balance are the three Ps  – privacy, piracy and plagiarism. I will write about “privacy” today. Remaining two will take some more time. Privacy International 2007 privacyContinue reading “privacy – not so third world problem?”