49 days to go

I constantly depict my room as the setting for the “Cast Away” island Tom Hanks survived in 2000. For my preparation, I also have my own “Mr. Wilson”

January 31st – the day of my exam. Forty nine days remaining for preparation. Two days ago, I deactivated my some of my Social accounts and have minimized my internet presence. Instead of 90 minutes news read, I have now customized my Google reader for a quick 15 minutes headline reads.

No more emails, no more movies, yes to classical music (listening to Haydn – Symphony number 94 – Surprise), and yes to some exercise. Need to loose about 10 kilograms of fat off me, and get around 10 books of information inside me.

I need to get a slight above average mark for this paper. I also need to get some good idea of the medicine that I have forgotten in past few years. Need to ramp up those cog wheels of education. As always, study is boring right now, but hope to turn it around within the next week.

P.S. – I also changed my smartphone to the oldest Nokia set in my home. It has 7 numbers stored, and I don’t pickup any calls. Only SMS.

Distraction be gone Smile

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