the “maka” conundrum

I imagined being kicked out of an airplane for not putting on the seat belt, while flying above the Amazon river basin in one of the Brazilian – anaconda infested jungles.

I never thought a first year  surgery resident would be free enough to be a senate member on one of the private university in Nepal. Sujan “maka” is a very good friend, a great doctor, and a good human. I sincerely wish good for him, and hope he does well. As a friend, I am thrilled to have a person in the inside. Although, it may never help me, I now have the bragging right.

That said, a part of me thinks this is crap. Nepotism at its height, and logically speaking he is unfit for the job. A first year surgery resident has to do 48 hours ward duty, 2 days of Out Patient Department (OPD) duty, and 2 days of Operation Theatre (OT) duty, leaving just one day on a week to study. If he/she is appointed as a youngest member of Kathmandu University, I definitely think that this is a greater burden for them. Plus, doesn’t that post require some kind of qualification or something? Can a working student doctor be catapulted to become a senate member for all the good reason.

We studied MBBS together for five years, and despite of his good friendship, a personal judgment call from me, votes against this. Do I think that he was put there by his uncle (and family) as a prime example of nepotism? Yes.

PS – I may be also a little jealous of him. Also as a human, I can’t imagine where would I have stood if the same offer came to me.

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