how I think – NFC can be deployed in Nepali medicine

Read the news on automaker Hyundai and its plan for implementation of NFC ? Sadly, I write from mobile device, and finding a link to aforementioned article is – me preserving energy in these Kathmandu winter months. Along with Fiscal cliff (USA), the winter death (World), student uprising (TU – Nepal), “Killer Crow”, Tim Cook’sContinue reading “how I think – NFC can be deployed in Nepali medicine”

new cellphone – for 12hrs electricity cuts in Nepal

As of today, the electricity cuts in Kathmandu is around twelve hours, which means I will not be able to charge my current cellphone everyday. I love technology, and mobile phones are something, very “worldly” to me. Changed quite a few from my first phone back in 2005, and constantly looking to get acquainted to the new capabilitiesContinue reading “new cellphone – for 12hrs electricity cuts in Nepal”

moral values from law(and order) or culture(and religion)?

Few weeks back, a girl in Pakistan was attacked for her strong opinions of the importance of education in life. Afghanistan saw brutal killing of a girl who was a community volunteer for a campaign against Polio. Last week saw a brutal rape case in India, and around the same time, another was reported inContinue reading “moral values from law(and order) or culture(and religion)?”