tertiary what? seriously where is public health?

There I was, all ready for the free food and great conversation. The CME (continued medical education) was about GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), in Hotel Annapurna. Best minds of Nepal in the field of gastro-enterology (medicine about stomach and stuffs) would be there together with free-loaders like me (read – interns, medical officers and firstContinue reading “tertiary what? seriously where is public health?”

TEDx TALK – Shining The Light In Data Dark Areas To Stimulate Real Change

How can we create meaningful solutions when there is no “big data” to inform how to deploy and prioritize solutions? Physician, CDC veteran, former tech analyst and homeland security advisor, Joel Selanikio, co founder of DataDyne.org, shares how he and his team have created magpi.com, the most widely adopted mobile data open access software inContinue reading “TEDx TALK – Shining The Light In Data Dark Areas To Stimulate Real Change”

the Nepali way of buzy-ness (business) – part i of ii

Aditi had a conversation with Thomas (forgot his real name) from Europe. What he liked about Nepal (and what I now think is adept for all the South Asian, and developing countries in the world)- that every one, in some way is an entrepreneur. Here’s how… a story I know Seven years ago, during monthsContinue reading “the Nepali way of buzy-ness (business) – part i of ii”