The thirteen of 2013 – new beginning

Young Cambodians doing an exam to be admitted ...
Young Cambodians doing an exam to be admitted in the Don Bosco Technical School of Sihanoukville. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On January 31st, I appeared for one of the toughest exams in the world, USMLE step one. The toughest part for me being able to sit there in front of a computer screen for eight hours. By the time I was finished, I had headache, malaise, and was hungry.

As an average student, I had my doubts, anxiety and uncertainties for the exam. I still am nervous, for the results are due in three weeks time. I’d be more than happy if I get some thing that is well above the mean by two Standard Deviation. Yes, I am greedy. So here is my experience of the last thirty days before the exams, category wise.

Sleep was very good until about ten days. I usually sleep for eight hours when I am studying in a non pressured mode. But during those last ten days, it became more like five hours, with constant waking up in the night. O however, slept for seven hours In the day before exam, and that helped a lot.

My room is usually clean, but a week before exam, I did loose all my cleanliness. Last time my room was so disturbed and disproportionate was three years ago during my medicine finals. I switched from table-chair study area to bed. I’d sleep next to a pile of books, a bottle of water, few chocolate wrappers, and few too many bread crumbs. Not a regular sleep, or study pattern.

Yup, something very likable. The munching began a few weeks before the exam. I took food break every three hours, and had mini breaks every 90 minutes. Increased my weight, and fat distribution. This is the only part I regret, sleep and environment resumed to a clean status within the next 48 hours, but what do I do with the extra fat? Confused, as I get married next week.

cellphone and social network
On and off Facebook and twitter, with deactivated cellphone. As the day came near, there were frequent Internet access. I did read a lot of good articles in The Economist, New York Times, and few more good sources. My favorite were from Fast Company, and this was especially during the crunch hours. Now as I resume my days to normalcy, I hope to read my good 12 articles per day. Resuming the Reddit, Y-combinator, and Techmeme, and my personalized google reader.

what did I do after the eight hour ordeal?
Went for chickens and pizza. Food… with my two favorite people in the world. Good food, good company.

what next ?
2013 for me starts from Feb 1st. Ad I hope this year to be one of the most fruitful in all my life. Here is a glimpse – learn coding, learn designing, learn medicine, talk, read, learn to sell, learn to buy. And I definitely hope to write more quirky stuff, related to imagination, creativity, improving on my writing skills.

P.S. I definitely hope to give UMSLE step two CK, and CS. Get into a decent medical residency program, built a huge network, get into Public Health Education, and come back Nepal in exactly fifty six months time. A grand plan indeed, lets hope I succeed, stumble and learn along the way, with better than expected end results. 🙂

Next post – about wedding – in few days time. engagement on February 4th, NST.

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5 thoughts on “The thirteen of 2013 – new beginning

  1. few chocolate wrappers, huhhh
    So, diet is very important during exams, what about Memorex ?

    BTW what’s so great about reading those fastcompany series articles rather than doodling with 9gag when your mind is already busy?

    All the wishes, you sure going to have your 56 months 🙂

    1. Yes chocolates, milk, and good food. No medication, and certainly no glucose rich fluid .. These don’t bode we’ll with my taste buds. Hehe

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