coming to Nepal? consider mo:mo

One notable experience with most of my foreign friends coming to Nepal, has been to deal with few food poisoning in Nepal. We have no problem with available food options, but It becomes unpleasant for first timers in Nepal or those who are back after long time. My medical knowledge is quick to recommendation overContinue reading “coming to Nepal? consider mo:mo”

the Nepali way of buzy-ness (business) – part i of ii

Aditi had a conversation with Thomas (forgot his real name) from Europe. What he liked about Nepal (and what I now think is adept for all the South Asian, and developing countries in the world)- that every one, in some way is an entrepreneur. Here’s how… a story I know Seven years ago, during monthsContinue reading “the Nepali way of buzy-ness (business) – part i of ii”

new cellphone – for 12hrs electricity cuts in Nepal

As of today, the electricity cuts in Kathmandu is around twelve hours, which means I will not be able to charge my current cellphone everyday. I love technology, and mobile phones are something, very “worldly” to me. Changed quite a few from my first phone back in 2005, and constantly looking to get acquainted to the new capabilitiesContinue reading “new cellphone – for 12hrs electricity cuts in Nepal”