moral values from law(and order) or culture(and religion)?

Few weeks back, a girl in Pakistan was attacked for her strong opinions of the importance of education in life. Afghanistan saw brutal killing of a girl who was a community volunteer for a campaign against Polio. Last week saw a brutal rape case in India, and around the same time, another was reported inContinue reading “moral values from law(and order) or culture(and religion)?”

The Nepal Medical Education debacle

A recent medical licensing exam by Nepal Medical Council (NMC) had a huge number of recent medical graduate failing. NMC licensing exam is held twice every year, usually in the month of April and August/September, with around 700 medical graduates appearing every year. Today’s Kantipur Daily (page 3) has a report stating that it’s mostlyContinue reading “The Nepal Medical Education debacle”

Friday Read – The Great Leap in China, Stalingrad, Eritrea

Almost all of my good friends are out of Nepal, and right now with self-study, life is all about a cooping in my room, with books. Instead of bar, barbecue or cinema, life is more about books, Internet and sleep. No Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for the moment. No emails or calendar utility in progress.Continue reading “Friday Read – The Great Leap in China, Stalingrad, Eritrea”