poverty for Nepal – 1.25USD or more?

Nepal is poor. Everyone knows this. How poor? has a convoluted and wary answers from variety of well known and reputed organizations that may and may not represent our government. So when mother and I discussed about the poverty in Nepal few days back, It got me thinking to search for answers. It isn’t black and white, but here is the gist of it.

a corrupted week – examples from ktm

here is a brief schedule of the week, where I noted some examples of corruption. Plain and simple corruption. 1. Wednesday – a taxi fare for 3.2km – Chabahil to Kupondole Height took me Nrs 250. We went there to attend one of our friends wedding. Good wedding reception and yes, great food. Met tenContinue reading “a corrupted week – examples from ktm”

barriers concerning standards and interoperability

Part two of my four part series where I try to explore the possibility of mHealth in Nepal. This deals with the barriers concerning standards and interoperability in mHealth. The following are some of the concept we discussed in online class, and google group. I think this is very reasonable to developing countries like Nepal. Most of the barriers are specifically from mHealth Africa, but I have here tried to include my nepali perspective as well. Here are few of the barriers that I think I see in Nepal concerning standards and interoperability on mHealth.