YouTube Share – तुईनको छ है भर

Follow up video to Kathor (web link), Night is back with another awesome music video with a stunning array of images and videos representing the desolate Nepal. Whatever the present is, I hope to see a better Nepal, soon. This video is not mine, but am sharing here because it inspires me to do something good. Plus – youtube lets me share it, with proper acknowledgement (written below).

Tuina ko chha hai bhara //तुईनको छ है भर// is a song from our project – “Baja”. Night aims to reproduce and even reinvent some of the many endangered/lost instruments of Nepal. We aim to create new sounds, music and stories from these instruments while also attempting to rediscover a part of our musical culture.


Paras Mani Subedi : Dhimay
Birat Basnet: Murchunga, Nay-Khin
Emiko Gauchan: Sarangi
Sumnima Singh: Vocals
Jason Kunwar: Vocals, Tungna, Paluwa, Guitar, Sarangi
Niraj Shakya: Murchunga, Singing Bowl


Music: Night
Editing & cinematography: Shashank Shrestha
Camera: Shashank Shrestha, Rishi Amatya
Concept: Jason Kunwar and Shashank Shrestha
Lyrics: Jason Kunwar

Supported by Rec Records

Special thanks to Sunit Kansakar, Sagun Shakya, Manoj Pandit, Kiran Pokharel, Subodh Shrestha, Suyog Shrestha, Wanjala Restaurant, People of Kathmandu, Dhading, Kavre, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Bhaktapur and Pokhara

Last but certainly not the least BIG thank you to all the people who have been providing unconditional support all these years.

© NIGHT 2013.All rights reserved.

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