YouTube Share – Health Systems Create Healthy Futures: Meet Maya

Source: – Meet Maya, whose healthy birth is the result of stronger health systems. Strengthening health systems is at the center of the World Bank‘s global strategy for health, nutrition, and population. We don’t focus only on one disease or condition, we look at health as a whole — what is preventing people from being healthy, how we can change this, and what impact it will have on development. Watch this short video to learn more.

what have I to say?

could someone create a nepali version of this video. If no one does, I will probably do it in April/May of 2013. If any one interested, please let me know. I don’t think will charge us anything, and this would be very useful, for many health workers for health awareness.

mobile health (mHealth) platform – paper review (initial thoughts)

article updated – 12:13pm, NST – January 2, 2013. Read below.

A good friend recently referred me to this paper. Loved the idea of it, even though haven’t been able to read the full paper. Searched through Hinari repository but could not find. The paper is by Atanu Garai, on mobile health (management) project designing and gives seven factors that could boost productivity. Its published by The XRDS magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery

  1. Factor 1: mHealth is not mass media. Many organizations are still disseminating SMS or calls in the way that television and radio broadcast their content…
  2. Factor 2: Deliver multiple services through mHealth. Many health managers think of mHealth as yet another tool for data collection and communication about health behavior…
  3. Factor 3: Evolve business models for curative and preventive health. Program managers are increasingly looking for ways to ensure financial sustainability, both in profit-making and not-for-profit projects…
  4. Factor 4: Consider mobile data collection as the means to an end. Until now, most mHealth projects have focused on data collection…
  5. Factor 5: Partial automation deters mHealth adoption in health system. Donors ask for mHealth projects that work in a health issue of their choice…
  6. Factor 6: mHealth is integrative. mHealth technologies have the capacity to integrate otherwise disparate functions or processes within the traditional health system…
  7. Factor 7: mHealth is multidisciplinary. Since mHealth integrates various domains within the health sector, it is multidisciplinary by nature…”

I think Nyaya Health is doing some projects related to mHealth, and Patan Academy also in it (small scale). E-health adopted is already being adopted by many health institution in Nepal, but it is in quite small scale. I would love to read the whole paper, and have mailed the author too. For now, do go through the seven factors, which are very interesting, I do not agree completely on two of the seven, but its very well thought of.

P.S. – will write the full review, as soon after I read the whole paper. Next post – Jan 4, 7:30am, NST

update (of January 2 – 12:13pm NST)
Did received the original text from the author. Am reading it, will post about it mixed with my thoughts in few days time.

Citation – Atanu Garai. 2012. Seven factors for designing successful mHealth projects. XRDS 19, 2 (December 2012), 16-19. DOI=10.1145/2382856.2382865

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