my take on Windows 8.1 Pro – Review

Took me around three hours, but I finally updated to Windows 8.1. The following few hours were about knowing what has changed in this widely used operating system. Initial thought – nothing so interesting but definitely in the right direction. Fruit for nine years I was an avid OS X fan for a long time. UntilContinue reading “my take on Windows 8.1 Pro – Review”

tea conundrum – बाबु चिया खाने?

As a follow up to my post on comparing the conversation starters  here I write some more on how we get around with tea. The importance of tea in Nepal, or may be, at least in Kathmandu. These are some ideas and facts I’d wanted to share for some time – my personal hausaufgaben (that’sContinue reading “tea conundrum – बाबु चिया खाने?”