For 3500 at 4am

At four in the morning, hordes of people walk out of their cozy bed, like the annual African migration, squat down to prepare for the day outside in a common field, around 300 meters from their abode.

The 2011 Nepal census reports that one in three have no proper sanitation in Nepal. A recent visit to a village in plain land in South Nepal, was revealing and stinky. A village of around three thousand have very little or no sanitation facility. The whole village uses a plain field nearby and every day, a new mine field of shit is created, stinky and health hazardous.

If some one makes them few toilet, it requires a lot of money. Our small team don’t have that. Plus, they would not use it, its more comfortable to sit in a plain field than be claustrophobic. They will not be able to wait in lines for the limited number of toilets, and will again go to the field. Temporary toilet solution like pit-holes is a thought, but then, where? The current field that they use is the land of the Temple nearby, and it cannot be officially made into a vast dug out pot holes.

Me and my team are looking forward to solve this problem, and our  preliminary report will be soon out in Nidan. A ten page Nepali version is good to go, its English translation is due in few days time.

P.S. – I still have my exams. What can I say, I love public health, and I am a doctor. Making health a priority over education? Na.. taking them parallel.

P.S. – The stink is so bad, that the schools nearby get closed down sometime.

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