Prakash Nepali Barnamaala

Prakash Nepali Barnamaala lets you learn and understand basic Devanagari/Nepali language using reading, writing and listening. Designed for all ages, this app has Devanagari/Nepali vowels, consonants, words, numbers, and phrases; along with basic Nepali adage, idioms, and proverbs along with few classic Nepali poems. An efficient app to teach your child learn Nepali fast through reading, writing and listening. You can also write and draw on the screen themselves to implement what they have learned and be more creative. 

Features >>

  • Read, pronounce and write Nepali with vowels and consonants in Devanagari script.
  • – Basic Nepali words and a simple dictionary with audio.
    Nepali phrases with audio and english translations for normal day-to-day conversation.
    Collections of Nepali stories, poems, adage, idioms, proverbs, and comprehensions.
    Multiple games that makes learning Nepali a fun experience.




    planned released for August 2023