Barnamaala App – TODOs

Minor – add pictures in stages Add vowel/consonant picture [DONE] [Feb22,2020] Add Word picture Stage I[June 2020] Add Word picture Stage II Add Word picture Stage II Minor – add animal sounds. [June 2020] Major – rework on audios.  [moved to gradual update] Major – fork ##### barnamaala [Working on it] [Feb22,2020] Major – fork onlineContinue reading “Barnamaala App – TODOs”

Beginning – How I ended up making my first mobile app.

The concern to a pragmatic and smooth transformation in life led me raising two awesome human being, and postponing my formal education for couple of years. Since raising my kids in motherland became a complete far fetched and unreachable dream, we (my partner, I and our awesome family) decided to raise them ourselves in NorthContinue reading “Beginning – How I ended up making my first mobile app.”