Its funny, shouldn’t I laugh? NO, I regret it.

This was around 18 hours ago, when following video (linked below) came up in one of the social media and then took Nepali social buzz by a storm. I feel bad on my action of ridiculing the good person Mr Subedi is. I truly am sorry for my subjective rants about how Nepali representatives are in world politics. By now there is a sizable proportion of Nepali who feel bad, and its been echoing over in the social media. I couldn’t stop thinking why – I was so furious by this video in the first place.

About the Video and the Person

If you already don’t know it, this is from FOX News, and the host here usually makes fun of any one he finds. As one of the post in Facebook social site put it – अमेरिकाको फ्याउरो समाचार (Fox News) को जसलाई पनि उडाउने कार्यक्रममा एक जना नेपाली पनि परेछन्। Fox News का Jesse Watters ले पाए तपाईँलाई पनि उडाउँथे. The first one is at 1:25 minutes, and then this follows again in 2:57 minutes and then in the end in 4:20 minutes there is a small studio joke about Nepal and its cuisine. Putting aside all the politics and culture, this is an evil humor, and it made me laugh. There were moments when I didn’t feel good, and quite irritated by the person in our National Dress, speaking .. well, not speaking. Here are most of my initial thought process related to this video.

  • The guy representing Nepal, must be a government funded goon. Incapable and misleading.
  • Must be one from the “JUMBO” team that Nepali politician usually take on these UN visits. Few years back, one so called, “Pushpa Dahal” took his wife and son, as a national diplomat.
  • This person, named “Subedi” added to the list of many insults that Nepal and its people have been enduring from the political injustice we have.

So who is he? what does the media say

This again from another social media outlet – about Mr Subedi. Turns out, he is not from the government, and he is actually doing something great back home. As one of the rants in You tube put in, this represents him.

Youtube Share

  • He is fairly DISABLED {due to polio}
  • He is not government official.
  • He is the one who fought for – FREE EDUCATION for disabled in Nepal,
  • He is the one to establish school for DISABLED even in a REMOTE areas.
  • He is the lawyer to fight for sloppy way for disabled – in school, hospital etc

For more information about him, he is talked about by Rabindra Mishra (another good Nepali) in his Facebook Page (here), and something has been written about him by (here). He is also mentioned by (here).

So who is he? what do I say

Mr Subedi is a brave Nepali. He is one of the few Nepali, that Nepal can benefit from. Few hours ago, I laughed at him, made fun of him, and shared it among my close circle in Facebook. Presently, I feel horrible and feel guilty. I am sad that I never knew him till now. I would definitely would want to meet him in person, and apologize for what I’d thought he was and he represented.

Facebook Talk


What gives?

Well as soon after there was an angle about how he is a good person with good deeds, non government representative, who was genuinely invited by the United Nation to attend the meeting – things change. I know, I’d stumble upon many a times, if someone came to me to interview. But sadly, I am not of that caliber, yet.

The Meh! factor

Given the situation of corruption, and almost fail state that Nepal is, many Nepali have right to get angry if something like this come up. However, I feel bad that I made fun of a person, who is doing good for Nepal. A switch in identity – a mistaken one – where the national dress automatically made me think that he was from the political dirt pool. And like me, I am sure many were mistaken too. Had it not been other news outlet, my perception would have still been corrupted; and that would have been HUGE BOMB.

– – prashant

PS – the tea post is up for next week.

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  1. Posting from the face book – he whole episode of this interview has come to a full circle. It took less that 20 hours to find out about the true identity of the person and who he actually is. Living in a digital age blah blah blah… The person who was interviewed has a disability (polio) and is a great Nepali activist. He is fighting for basic human rights for disable people in Nepal. Kudos. But when I was laughing, was I laughing at him? Or just at the skit? I felt sorry for him and laughed because the whole “interview” was just so damn funny. Jay Leno used to do (i don’t know if he still does it) ‘Jay Walk.’ In this interview, anybody was a fair game – as long as the interviewee was misinformed, under-educated or just plain dumb.

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