A little more knowledge – Pytorch and Udacity

Until my wife finishes her formal education, I am unable to join in any educational hub, physically. We have a two year old, and she attends the daddy-day-care with me. I am, in part, one of those few new dads, who gets to raise his children first hand, as a primary care giver. Until now, and I swear by it, raising your own kid is, firstly a full time job, and secondly, one of the best experience in life.

Part of being a stay at home dad, means, that i have few hours every day to get reading and learning anything i want of the internet. Right now, I am learning something related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). I got into this really cool scholarship that facebook and Udacity were starting on early last November. First phase included 10,000 individuals from around 140+ countries trying to learn the much hyped AI/ML concepts and implementations. I loved it. There were 32 Nepali. I made new acquaintances and few good friends. The experience of learning a completely new subject was enthralling.

Second phase of the scholarship starts on January 22, and it has about 300 of the scholars selected from stage one. To my surprise and excitement, I was one of the 300 selected on starting Deep Learning Nano Degree. It’s a four months course, and I have till mid March to ramp up the coursework. Finishing a four months course in half the time will be a daunting task.

The next two months are going to be intense.

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