my trip to the other part of the world

after a month long hiatus, i sit down now in Charlottesville, VIrginia. For the next three months, I have few specific tasks here in America, the first thing being to learn the culture here, and then increasing my probable networking and fundraising opportunity for my dream project – Nidan (

But, right now, I have few first thought of travelling from Nepal to Virginia, USA.

  1. The 15+ hours of plane ride is fun at first, but then it gets boring, and by the time it ended, I was sleepy, and confused.
  2. Indira Gandhi Airport is huge, and very welcoming, with “the lady” now giving announcements only every 20 minutes or so. Last year it was every 5 minutes, and it was very annoying.
  3. The airline food was as always, very interesting, and boring. There was no Coke, and had to do with Pepsi. – yes I am biased. No alcohol this time though. It hampers with sleep, and then the 48 hours of travelling needs sleep whenever possible.
  4. There was a person among Air India passengers, AI-216 from Kathmandu to Delhi, who sang the following song, loud and clear. Everyone observing were with smiles, and frown.

  1. This was the first time, when a bus ride I was inside, was stopped, so that a plane might pass. Seriously, I’d seen a train pass, a car or other motor vehicle pass, and even people crossing. This was a 787 (or something) huge plane passing (in the middle of Abu Dhabi Airport). 🙂 fun moment.
  2. My mother had packed four apples for the journey. It was produced and packed in USA, and then shipped to Nepal. strange coincidence !! The small food stickers on each of them read “USA” with a flag from this country.
  3. The Etihad Airways, from Abu Dhabi to Washington DC, has a wonderful service. Long trip yes, but very very commendable service. There were like too many children yapping and making noise. It was good at first, but then its not pleasant when all them cry taking turns.
  4. Washington Airport – The Dulles International – was surprisingly efficient. My initial mind set up made me think that I’d have to stay for a full 3-4 hours in customs.  But, it took 30 minutes, and they spoke nicely. Made all the difference. Happy 🙂
  5. Took a cab from the Airport to the place I am right now. Very expensive, once you convert it into Nepali Rupees.

Soon, I Will resume some very good post writing, with better write ups (at least thats what I think)

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