BBC Article: Haiti quake: Why isn’t aid money going to Haitians?

International aid body released this study few days back. BBC covers it well. Of the nine billion USD given in assistance, only a fraction reached the normal population. Where did the remaining go?

Nepal has similar problem. External Development Partners (EDPs), INGOs, International Banks (WB, ADB), have considerable presence in Nepal regularly funding large projects and development programs that spans multiple years. Somewhere in this timeline, a huge chunk of financial aid gets lost amongst the higher ranking officials. Final help which trickles down, is a small percentage of the total. (disclaimer – this is my hypothesis; I do not yet have any proof of my statement here, but am very much interested in conducting a study to find out the truth).

How can we minimize this effect?
At present, I have no proper knowledge or idea/information. All I am doing is reading few papers and initiating background search for this disproportionate filter mechanism in Nepal. First and foremost, I certainly need to prove this hypothesis; or need to find out if someone is already working in this field.

Source – Haiti quake: Why isn’t aid money going to Haitians?

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