Changed WordPre…

Changed WordPress Blog Theme – now more clumsy and plain

I probably have to learn to make themes to make it right. The way I want to present – is still not through this structure. anyone know where I can find the full COPE stuff in WordPress.

COPE = Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Next Theme change – in 8 months time. (August 2013)


Current Theme – details

Theme Name – Ari

A beautifully designed minimalistic blog theme. It comes with two color schemes and allows you to customize links and text colors. Also it supports a custom header, a custom background, a custom menu and two optional widget areas in sidebars. Together, all of these features help you to control how to present your blog to your readers…. [Read More]

What has changed?

  • now i can change the color of the headline – according to my mood. Green for the moment – which tells I am pretty much okay.
  • menu items has changed, and until i have few more posts, i cannot say this is fixed. don’t yet understand the art of writing in web (or offline) completely (ignore me)
  • i guess the font has changed, into much readable one (thought the content is the same)

The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.


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