Article: Can You Fight Poverty With a Five-Star Hotel? – ProPublica

Can You Fight Poverty With a Five-Star Hotel? – ProPublica

This ProPublica report has a wonderful insight on how Aworld Bank and it’s subsidiary have more investments on bigger projects, with big budgets and huge profit returns.

Do we have similar problem in Nepal? Sadly we do have this similarity here in Nepal. Most External Development Partners (EDPs) and INGOs in Nepal, usually provide funds (or other incentives) to proposals which has huge budgets and from established players only. This may not be all so bad, but there is no scope for independent or small scale proposals that are (may be) good.

I hear that small money allocations on multiple projects is cumbersome for the EDPs/INGOs. Usually prefer giving out big chunks of money to big player, to make their accounting look short and clean. I cannot validate this claim, but want to help dig it (or find it).

Sadly, I have no knowledge of investigative journalism. I may be wrong on the whole notion, and this may be just another conspiracy theory.

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