Bad people at large – taxi drivers in Kathmandu

I certainly don’t mean all of the taxi drivers in Katmandu. However, in the last six month, every taxi I have encountered has refused to go as per normal norms, by metering and per kilometer price. There is an outright demand of a price that is two or three times the normal rates. This usually makes me angry, and except for few desperate moments, I usually take an alternate means of transportation.

Today was no different. For a bill that came to be NRs. 108, through metering, the taxi driver had first demanded 200. First for me, I went to front of the vehicle, took out my cellphone, and clicked the number plate. Took some note, and then asked cabbie once again. He got defensive. I left him, went to the next taxi, who saw every thing and put forth the same question.

I got the better end of the bargain.

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