Medicine in Chabahil

Short write up

I live near a dusty, over populated, and stinky place; one of the main market area in Kathmandu. Chabahil. it’s four minutes to this amazing place. It is a junction between three major settlements in Kathmandu, and a part of the one and only ring roads in Kathmandu. Chabahil has the third busiest traffic in Kathmandu. But these are not the problem, for today’s post.

There are two nursing colleges, five hospitals, six dental clinics, and seven pharmacy shops in Chabahil. These are within a radius of one mile, from my home. This, I think is a huge problem.

These are the numbers I know, I counted, preliminary. I have yet to go to nook and crannies of this area, which might hold some greater truth. As a person, who just took his medical oath a year ago, this somehow bothers me. Concentration of so many things, in one place, may be either bad, or very good. I doubt that this has brought good, and so I begin a month long investigation on these matter. Part of my blog will be covering all that I can uncover. Not much, but enough to fill up some words and mind.

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