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PiArchimedes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“A bell cannot tell time, but it can be moved in just such a way as to say twelve o’clock – similarly, a man cannot calculate infinite numbers, but he can be moved in just such a way as to say pi.”

Daniel TammetThinking in Numbers: How Maths Illuminates Our Lives

Ludolphian Number

Happy March 14 (or may I say 3.14). I love this number. As the end of Sixteenth Century Ludolph Van Ceulen calculated 35 decimal place for pi. In his will, he requested that these 35 numbers be engraved on his tombstone. In Germany they still refer to this number as Ludolphian Number. Around 200 BC, Archimedes of Syracuse found that pi is somewhere about 3.14. Pi (which is a letter in the Greek alphabet) was discovered by a Greek mathematician named Archimedes. In June 1995, the Japanese mathematician Yasumasa Kanada found p correct to 3,221,220,000 decimal places.

Thus, p = 3.14159265358979….

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

by – French poet Charles Baudelaire

One of my favorite quotes. Not because of its religious (if any) or dark Gothic association, but because it has certain class, style and charisma. I see this as more like a magician performing a trick in front of a huge crowd (usually dumb crowd). A stage focused on one person, prepared for one final act, who is about to perform this exceptional show man ship.

It not about being good or bad. Its about that one last act, that is filled with awe and inspiration. The kind that makes every kid want to be a magician.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Not one of my favorite days in a year, but one that is quite established these days in Nepal.) Plus, the concept of love and care always makes me feel good.

P.S. this was also reiterated by Kevin Spacey as Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects. Loved the movie. my rating would be – 4.5/5

Changed WordPre…

Changed WordPress Blog Theme – now more clumsy and plain

I probably have to learn to make themes to make it right. The way I want to present – is still not through this structure. anyone know where I can find the full COPE stuff in WordPress.

COPE = Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Next Theme change – in 8 months time. (August 2013)


Current Theme – details

Theme Name – Ari

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What has changed?

  • now i can change the color of the headline – according to my mood. Green for the moment – which tells I am pretty much okay.
  • menu items has changed, and until i have few more posts, i cannot say this is fixed. don’t yet understand the art of writing in web (or offline) completely (ignore me)
  • i guess the font has changed, into much readable one (thought the content is the same)

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